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  1. This big blip is what got me interested in the SR because never have I ever felt as energised, clear minded, optimistic and focused as I did during the hours that this occurred. It was this feeling combined with the fact that I came across a video online that mentioned the SR that made me curious. Now that Iā€™m looking at it more regularly it gives me the impression that there could possibly be a correlation between the SR and an improved sense of general well being

    1. Hi Domoho,
      Thanks for contributing! We’ve just now turned commenting on here so that people can share their sensations and experiences, and discuss them. A lot of people have come to a similar conclusion as you have, that there is probably a correlation between the energy the Schumann Resonance puts out, and our physical sensations. After all, it is Mother Earth, and measurable. I’d say just stay tuned! šŸ™‚
      The QSC team

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