version 2.1.6

Change can be hard, but we try to make things better with each version. The best way to keep the App working optimally on whatever device you have, is to have the latest version. We can’t guarantee that all features will continue to work in older versions. Also, if we have a bug, we try to release a fix quickly.

This is a very minor, cosmetic update.

– just added back Cumiana chart titles

In the App, navigate to the last Tab, ‘Resources’, and there should be a blue “Update/Restart” button. If it’s not there, just gesture down to refresh. If you don’t have the current version, it will appear.

Otherwise visit your store:



Or you ought to be able to Update via your device settings as well.


Notification news

We’ve finally launched in-App Notifications! Simply visit the Info tab in the App, and turn them on.

Note: If you’ve previously denied the standard device popup asking for notifications, you may need to also reactivate them in your device settings.

Our intention is not to inundate you, just to be helpful. So we’ll only notify you when the Schumann Resonance is spiking white, and after that, only as frequently as you select. If it’s a 4 spike day, and you’ve selected only every 4 hours, you might miss some. 🤷‍♂️ But then again, it could spike for several hours at a time, and you might not want the current percentage every 15 minutes. Give it a try. You can turn them off and back on and change your settings as often as you’d like.

Now you don’t have to check it all day. We’ll let you know when it’s spiking! And please, let us know what you think, like and don’t like.


We gave opening the blog up to everyone that wanted to contribute a try. Sadly, almost nobody chimed in. A few, but instead it mostly got a TON of Spam.

So, for now, we’re leaving it in the site, so that we can update you on changes with the App, but otherwise we’ve locked registration back down again.

Our apologies, and thank you kindly to all of you that are actual real people that did sign up.

If you’d like to contribute, we’d love to have contributors; we’d be happy to give you an account. It’ll just take us actually corresponding first.