Can I hear the Schumann Resonance?

The short answer is no.

The Schumann Resonances range from roughly 3-28+ hz (cycles per second).

Human hearing extends down to approximately 20 Hz, so no, you can't hear most of the Schumann Resonances at all.

The upper range, the 4th harmonic for example, if your hearing is excellent, could potentially sound like a very very low and weak hum.

The App does not generate any sound at all. Apps that claim to, are misleading you. They're not playing the "live" Schumann. They're playing sound clips, amplified, and certainly not the fundamental frequency.

Here's an example of some recent values of the Schumann's fundamental and 3 higher harmonics that you can try to hear 😉


I want a refund

Whichever store you purchased the App from can fascilitate a refund for you, either Google Play, or the Apple Store.

You don't need our approval to ask either store for a refund.

Thank you for checking out the App!

How do I change the location, timezone, or language?

The Schumann Resonance is a Planetary phenomenon. It is everywhere, global.

The App detects your timezone, and also your language from your device.

The images come from the measuring stations in Tomsk, Russia, and Cumiana Italy, with their respective timezones, embedded by those two stations, in the images.

"Now" is now. There should be no need to change the timezone or location to your location.

There simply aren't measurement stations where you live, unless that's Tomsk or Cumiana. Again, its a Planetary phenomenon.

To change the language, you'd have to change the language setting on your device itself. So if your device is set to a supported language, such as Spanish, the App will be in Spanish.

How do I contact the Quick Schumann Check App?

Please feel free to write us via our contact form.


How do I help out?

We appreciate your help in keeping this up and current. Please consider donating to us via buymeacoffee:


The images aren't updating

There could be a few reasons why this would be the case.

The measuring stations in Tomsk, Russia, and in Cumiana, Italy, do regularly go "dark", and stop publishing images. Sometimes they do this for hours, sometimes for days.

Usually they don't go "down" at the same time though, so when one does, we usually still at least have the other to watch.

When this does happen, please just be patient, the App isn't "broken".

The station will come back "online" in time. It always does. And when it does, we grab their new images again right away.

You can always tap the circle at the top middle of the home tab in the App as well. This force refreshes the images for you. You'll see the time update to the current time when you do this.

To double-check, simply visit Tomsk or Cumiana directly, to see that the App indeed has the same image, though frozen, that they are providing.

To do this, click to the last tab at the bottom of the App, which is the Resources tab, and there you'll see links to both stations at the top of the list.

Tap on those, and compare what they're serving to what we have. They should be the same.

This isn't a live stream

Measuring the Schumann is a very complex scientific endeavor, which takes complicated equipment.

That's why there are only a few institutions currently in the whole World monitoring and measuring it. Most notably, the 2 stations that we leverage are the one in Tomsk, Russia, and the one in Cumiana, Italy.

Both stations publish static images (spectrograms), every 15 minutes or so.

There is currently no "live" published, streaming, Schumann audio, or data even, available anywhere.

An App that claims to give you that, is misrepresenting itself. It is most likely just playing static, software generated frequencies (like 7.83, which isn't audible to human hearing anyway). You can maybe hear the 4th harmonic around 24, but even that would be very very low and weak, and still not "live".

Remember, the Earth plays the Schumann Resonances, that's the whole point.

I bought the App. What am I looking at?

It'd be hard to summarize all of the features of the App, and of the science behind the Schumann Resonances, in just a few lines.

We've added informative circle icons throughout the App. You can tap on those for explanations of each image.

The most important images have the icon, as well as one for the "Power" value.

Beyond that, we've compiled a list of some resources, communities, links and more, on the last tab entitled "Resources", to the bottom right of the App. These helped us to learn about the Schumann too, so check them out, and let us know if you find a great resource yourself too, that we can add to the list.

Leave us a review

Please consider leaving us a review, but if you're frustrated, have questions, if it doesn't run on your device, please also consider writing us first.

We work hard to help everybody that does write us, and can often help you out.

Also, if you just don't like the App, or if you regret purchasing it, just get a refund from the store you purchased it from instead of leaving us 1 star. 🙁

If you have left us a bad review, and then we help fix your issue, please please please consider updating your review.

Thank you for your feedback.

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There is no "data"

We get this question often.

We wish there was data too.

Unfortunately, neither measuring station, Tomsk, Russia, nor Cumiana, Italy, publishes their actual numbers.

They both just publish their images, updated roughly every 15 minutes.

The App just makes viewing their images quick and easy.

And then we also try to help out with explanations, historicals, and of course, we are now also proud to offer Notifications for you when Tomsk spikes, so that you don't have to check it 24-7! 🙂

If you find actual data somewhere though, do let us know!

We don't make these images

Please often write when Tomsk or Cumiana go "down", "dark", "black", and stop publishing for a period of time.

We're not "broken" when this happens, we swear.

We just grab their images for you. When they do go "down", we can only get their latest images, however long they've been up there.

When they start publishing again, though, we've got it for you again too. Hang in there.

Also, they both publish their images with their respective timestamps on them. We don't alter them. We don't control them. We don't choose the timezone. Sorry, that's up to you.

We do though, draw some lines on them so that you can quickly and more easily read their values.

For Frequency that's: White and Red to the left. Yellow and Green to the right.

For Amplitude that's: the Current value, the High for Yesterday (sometimes referred to as the "Power"), and the High for Today, so far.

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Your Schumann is "wrong"

This question confounds us, but from time to time people do assert that we "compute" the Schumann "wrong", or that we mess with it. ?

Honestly, we've no idea what that might mean.

We in no way do anything to the "data". We don't even Have data.

We just get the images from the Internet, via Tomsk's, and Cumiana's websites for you, but you can visit those yourself too, to verify that they're the same.

We post them to our site here, so that you can look back at them if you want to.

And we draw some lines on them for easier reading.

We write "how-tos", and answer questions... but we don't alter anything.

We have no way to.

Is the App down?

The App never goes "down".

The measuring stations that it pulls images from though, do, from time to time.

Tomsk, Russia, and Cumiana, Italy sometimes stop refreshing. We believe this is for maintenance, and it can last from hours to days.

When it happens, there isn't anything anyone can do, but wait patiently.

The App though, regardless of their status, keeps checking them, and shows their latest image.

If one of them is down, hang in there, and try to use the other. They don't usually go down at the same time.

But don't worry, we're not going anywhere. We keep checking for you, so that you don't have to.

Do I have to be online?

The App pulls images from the Internet.

So you need either wireless data or Internet, yes.

If you're not connected to wifi, or to a cell provider, the App:

can't get images,

or check your notifications settings,

or open the websites in the resources tab

and so on.

The App has some small ads!?

Yes, we did experiment with a few small in-app ads on the secondary tabs, to help support our efforts.

Tapping on them is one way to help support us.

They're not on the main home tab, and they probably won't stay forever.

There currently isn't a way for us to offer a pay/unlock/remove them option via the stores, but we might pursue that.

More likely a future version will just remove them again.

Thank you for your patience with this.