Thank you for using the Quick Schumann Resonances App. We’re happy that you found it, and hope you also find it useful.

Please first close the App down completely, and reopen it in order to get our newest “over-the-air” updates. You may have to do this a couple of times. To be certain that you’ve gotten the latest update, you should see that the last tab shows Version 1.8.1.

Also, make sure that, in your phone Settings, for the Quick Schumann App, Cell Data is turned ON. Try turning off WiFi for the test.

Test other Apps and load pages in your phone browser.

Send us screenshots. They really help us diagnose the problem.

Try shutting down and restarting the phone.

Try deleting the App, and re-downloading it from the Google Play or the Apple Store.

Send along what device and operating system are you using. We do our best to test the App on a variety of devices, but there are many!

Feel free to Contact us and we’ll write right back. ( Also, please let us know that you got it working again, because we worry, and we really want it to!

Thanks again!