Thank you for using the Quick Schumann Resonances App. We’re happy that you found it, and hope you also find it useful.

We want the App to work for everybody.

We’ve re-architected the way that the App relays the charts to you. Please first close the App down completely, and reopen it in order to get our newest “over-the-air” updates (we apologize for this inconvenience, but it’s the quickest way to get you this fix. You may have to do this a couple of times). To be certain that you’ve gotten the latest update, you should see that the last tab shows Version 5.5.21. We’ve greatly improved the way it loads the charts, and it should no longer be impeded by your ISP blocking the Russian measurement site.

If it doesn’t seem to be working as expected lately though, here are some things to try.

1) The most common fix by far is to make ensure that, in your phone Settings, for the Quick Schumann App, Cell Data is turned ON. You can even try actually turning OFF the phone’s WiFi connection for the test.

2) This one tests your patience. We apologize in advance. It’s possible that your WIFI isn’t super fast, and that the images might take a lot longer to load than you’d optimally like or expect. Please try though, open the App, and just let it try to load the image for longer than you’d think. Really give them some time …

3) We’ve learned lately that some ISPs are, for no good reason known to us, blocking the measurement site in Russia. Your Cell data won’t be blocked by them doing this, so check step 1 first. After that, you may have to see that you can access this site, as it feeds the App, here:

If you can’t visit this site, either with your phone browser (connected to WIFI), or on your desktop (obviously, connected to your Network), then your ISP might be blocking it. We’ve known users to actually call their ISP and inquire as to why they can’t access this harmless scientific site in the interest of rectifying this absurdity.

Again, try using Cell data by turning OFF your WIFI to see if the App can pull from the Russian site via the Cell Network, which it ought to be able to do.

4) Confirm once again that you have WiFi by opening pages in a browser or testing other Apps (After turning Off your WIFI, for example) try other Apps and load pages in your phone browser as well, to make sure that you even have Cell data and/or WIFI available!

5) Send us screenshots. They really help us to see what the problem may be. For example, how do all the tabs look? Does the mask image load on tab 4? How about the background image on tab 3? If you tap into the zoomed version, does that one load?

The screenshots help immensely. For example, the charts on the 1st tab come from the Russian site. So if just those aren’t loading, we know it’s your ISP. The historical charts come from our Server, so if those aren’t loading, it’s probably your Cell data or WIFI. The background on tab 3 should load as a dependency of the App itself. If you don’t see this one, we know we have bigger problems.

6) You can always also try to shut down the App completely and reopen it, and possibly do the same with your phone itself.

7) Many people try deleting the App, and re-downloading it from the Play or Apple Store. This couldn’t hurt. Perhaps you didn’t already have what they call “over the air” updates, or perhaps you had auto updating turned off. Having the newest version is the best way to have the same experience as everyone else, and any current features or fixes we’ve pushed.

8) Lastly, for us to best assist you, send along what device are you using, and if you’re using an Android, what operating system? We do our best to test the App on a variety of phones and systems, but sometimes an older one, or a less commonly used one might need a patch, and can spin up a simulator for it, and diagnose that on a case by case basis.

9) Feel free to Contact us here and we’ll write right back. ( When did your issue start occurring? Also, let us know that you got it working again, because we worry, and we really want it to!

Thanks again!